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iCoach New Generation is a formal educational program for the formation of Coaching in a holistic manner. It provides alternatives to receive teachings tuned to the immediate reality of our environment.

It is an initiative of development, based on skills and values; where you create the perfect time to “unlock one’s self,” and additionally, leave a legacy for future generations.

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Plant the seed to provoke the growth of a new generation of coaches.

General Goal

Develop concrete skills to aid in someone’s process towards finding their potential and facing challenges.

General Elements

• Coaching tournaments according to ICF.

• Transformation of concepts to experiential application through learning.


• HOGAN Assessments-Personality inventory

• MindSonar is a versatile and innovative psychological tool that analyzes how people think, feel and act.


Work in a creative and stimulating process for the formation of a Coaching career. Grounded on self-discovery and the knowledge of the skills of this discipline, utilizing the best international practices.


Be recognized as the best educative platform in America for the creation of Coaches.

The Certification Enables:


Reach the integral development of the participant through endless exploration.


Create an ecosystem of opportunities wherever the participant lies.


Transcend with a new legacy for the future generations of Coaches.


Manage the Coaching profession, leading the transformation processes of your coaches. 

Popular Courses


A program designed for the training of supervisors at any level. They will accept your role as a leader and will identify your leadership style or focus according to the Hogan Leader Focus Assessment results.


A program that focuses on reinforcing the essential concepts of excellent service, based on strengths and opportunities, exploring new tools to maximize sales.


A program that focuses on providing the basic competences to become an internal consultant for your company or enterprise by being equipped to lead, facilitate, and implement change initiatives and impact strategies to business results.


A program that focuses on providing the high impact mechanism that is used to support the effective transference of learnings. This is done through the clear communication of strategies, plans, actions and general information.


An innovative, holistic and practical program for successful human talent management. It seeks to contribute to the alignment of processes, systems and strategies in the organization to directly impact business results.


A learning experience with Virtual Reality (VR) aimed at all those people who wish to improve their communication skills and acquire new techniques to be an innovative communicator in front of an audience. Achieving high impact presentations that help transmit ideas effectively.


This certification seeks to shape coaches for the facilitation of coaching experiences for the effective development and integration of work teams in organizations.


Developing leadership skills in all levels of the organization to accelerate business results, optimize human talent, and transform the organization into an agile and more active culture.


This certification seeks to understand the importance of succession planning and the importance of effective management of transitions in the company.

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